Our vacation exchange businesses offer leisure and travel-related products and services to owners of vacation ownership interests and other affinity groups. In addition, they offer a range of marketing and operations services to resort developer clients and homeowners’ associations. Our vacation management businesses work collaboratively with homeowners’ associations and their boards of directors, as well as condominium and hotel owners, to deliver solutions that help ensure the ongoing success of a wide range of resort properties. Services include administration, budget and reserve planning, staffing, maintenance fee billing and collections, procurement, property maintenance, rental and marketing programs, and owner/guest communications.

Interval International®

Interval International operates membership programs for vacationers and provides value-added services to its developer clients and homeowners’ associations. The exchange network is comprised of nearly 3,200 resorts in over 80 nations. Through offices in 13 countries, Interval offers high-quality products and benefits to resort clients and nearly 2 million families who are enrolled in various membership programs. For more information, please visit mvw.ilg.com/interval.html.

Trading Places International®

Trading Places International (TPI) provides timeshare exchange and vacation rental services to more than 300,000 members. TPI focuses its exchange memberships and products to legacy timeshare owners concentrating on quality, service, and value as the company offers a personal touch to each customer it serves. For more information, please visit tradingplaces.com.

Vacation Resorts International®

VRI Americas (VRI) provides resort and homeowners’ association management services to the shared ownership industry, including resort operations and administration, finance and accounting, reservations and owner services. VRI also operates a vacation rental program for resorts and clubs in North America. The company manages over 140 resort and club locations in the contiguous U.S., Hawai‘i and Mexico, serving more than 320,000 intervals. For more information, please visit vriresorts.com.

Aqua-Aston Hospitality®

Aqua-Aston Hospitality is one of the largest hotel and resort management companies in Hawai‘i. Its nearly 40 resorts offer a range of options from full-service resorts and stylish boutique hotels to condominiums and comfortable budget properties in Hawai‘i, Arizona and Florida. For more information, please visit aquaaston.com.

Interval International, Trading Places International, Vacation Resorts International, Aqua-Aston Hospitality, and their respective logos are trademarks of ILG, LLC or its affiliates.

Vacation Ownership

A broad portfolio of hotels, resorts, timeshare exchange and rental services worldwide.

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